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 Eddie's Stewed Red Beans.

Ingredients for a serving of 5 people.

1. One large can of Red Kidney Beans.  2. 2 large table spoons of Sofrito. (Sofrito is a mix of fresh Oregano, Parsley, onions, garlic, green peppers,  all blended together in a blender and can be bought ready mixed 3. 7 Olives  4.  1/4 a pound of Smoked Ham    6. 1 teaspoon  of Adobo  (Adobo Criollo Seasoning, is a mixture of salt, powdered onions and powdered garlic.)  7. 1/2 a teaspoon of Black pepper  8. 2 large table spoons of  Olive oil.   9.  1 packet of Sas?n Accent Original Seasoning and another packet of Sas?n Accent Coriander and Annatoo Seasoning. 10.  One can of Tomato Sauce.  11. One potato.

Preparing the Ingedients:

Open the large can of Red Kidney Beans and throw away the old water and rinse the beans with clean water.   Cut away all the fat on the Smoked cooking ham and throw it away and cut into small 2 inch pieces.  Cut off the peeling of the potato and cut into small 2 inch pieces and boil them first until they are cooked..

Stewing the Red Kidney Beans.

Take a medium pot and heat it up, place 2 large table spoons of olive oil and heat it.   Then place in the hot olive oil 2 large table spoons of the sofrito, stir fry the sofrito for about 3 minutes.  Then open the can of tomato sauce and pour it in, in the same empty tomato sauce can, fill it half way with water and pour that in too.   Now put in the rinsed red kidney beans, the cut cleaned smoked ham, the olives, black pepper, the 2 packets of Sason Seasoning, the Adobo, the cut cleaned cooked potatos and stir everything in together well.  

Next boil everything together stirring from time to time for 15 minutes.  Turn off the flame and let it set for about 10 minutes and serve with hot rice.  

Tip:  Stewed Red Kidney beans standing over night in the refrigerator will  taste better the next day,  just heat them up and serve with white rice and piece of your favorite meat.

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